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We did some extensive cleanup of Live Oak trees as I was concerned on the summer/drought stress they had gone through. During our severe winds, several trees in surrounding area were blown over and on looking a little closer at them I noticed that many blown over trees were carrying a lot of dead weight. So while dead wood is an important part of the local ecology I decided to trim some of the large and long limbs off the trees so as to try and lighten the load – thus, hopefully making them stand up to local storms a little better.

One advantage was the amount of mulch which I spread over rocky area that was also experiencing signs of erosion – time will tell.

IMG_0816.JPG IMG_0818.JPG

Bird Feeders

Cleaned and repaired bird feeders.

IMG_0819.JPG IMG_0820.JPG

Burn breaks – Aug 31

Remowed 18′ burn break around the property perimeter. Also mowed 18′ burn break across width and length of property (dividing property into 4 quadrants).

Strip Mowing – Aug 26

Managed to get couple of acres mowed (east side of south/western quadrant) and around the stock tank which is now looking much better.

Wildlife photos, out and about – Aug

WGI_0007.jpg _00A9133.jpg _00A9111.jpg _00A9133.jpg _00A9135.jpg _00A9136.jpg _00A9144.jpg _00A9154.jpg _00A9157-Edit.jpg _00A9147.jpg _00A9168-Edit.jpg

Wildlife photos – butterfly area

Just north of old barns amongst cedar and live oak trees is a shaded area that holds water and is proving to be a popular hangout for butterflies.

_00A9154.jpg _00A9157-Edit.jpg _00A9147.jpg _00A9168-Edit.jpg

Trail Camera setup

Clean, added new batteries and installed trail camera on western side of stock tank for monitoring of animals.


Supplemental Feeding – Aug 18

Cleaned out, checked sealing, filled in hole in base of feeder and added 150lbs milo seed for turkey.


Watering trees/shrubs – Aug 17

Watered 2014 and 2013 planted trees and shrubs – lack of rain and freezing winter have been tough on young plants but so far all are doing well with no losses to report.


Supplemental Water – Aug 17th

Filled up and cleaned out water feeders. IMG_0779.JPG

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