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Land and Wildlife Management

Bird Feeders

Bird Feeding is tagging along although we have noticed that feed is lasting much longer than normal. I assume this is due to heavier than normal rainfall and their simply being more for the birds to feed on.

Bird feeders are checked about every week and filled up as required.

During May, we cleaned and serviced bird feeders ( the squirrels are pretty tough on them).



Haven’t seen many snakes this year but did come across this rattler – pretty cool!


Brush Management – April

On Southern Edge of property on West quadrant we cut back Cedar trees growing under the Live Oaks.


Fire Ant Control

While Fire Ant control is pretty ongoing as we try poison when we stumble across mounds when walking the property we put in some time in May and July treating various mounds after the rains.

Areas treated are around stock tank and then east and south of the old farmhouse – pretty much the same areas as during 2013.

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April Strip Mowing

Managed to get some serious tractor seat time in. So far estimate around 20 acres mowed this year.

IMG_0667.jpg IMG_0670.jpg

Blue Bonnets – April 2014

Have bluebonnets coming up in several places – East of Stock Tank and South of large Pecan Tree on far West side of property.


Sowing Seed – Jan/March

January saw some serious effort in sowing of seed. Sections by Pecan Tree and Stock tank were mowed really low then I ran the disc harrow several times with criss-cross pattern. Discing was kept less than 2 inches to reduce bringing up dormant weeds. Area was left to settle and then disced again several weeks later.

Seeds were manually sown (by hand) and then tramped down into soil by riding over seeding section with mule (which has the widest tires).

March, Added more seed to section by stock tank (stripped mowed/disc harrowed section).

IMG_0614.jpg IMG_0615.jpg IMG_0616.jpg IMG_0617.jpg IMG_0646.jpg IMG_0656.jpg

March Strip Mowing

I’ve been a little slack on updating blog so decided to try play catch up today – sadly the Internet is really quirky today so let’s see how it goes.

With early rainfall this season the grass and weeds are doing really well and weed control is a balance of trying to establish native grasses and minimizing erosion – out here in the Hill Country we typically have prolonged drought with flash floods and it’s amazing how much soil can wash away.

Serviced the brush mower and spent several hours mowing.

IMG_0624.jpg IMG_0635.jpg IMG_0636.jpgIMG_0647.jpg

Red Tailed Hawk

We have been blessed with a several red tail hawk. I am not sure if we have two or three. We always see one on middle section of property and a pair down by Noleen’s pecan tree. I have never seen all three out at the same time.

Here are some shots taken with 500mm lens one day as it was busy with its daily hunting.


Stock tank fish

Finally got to see schools of perch in our stock tank. We suspected we may have lost them all with last round of heavy rounds but were most pleased to see them – hope they enjoy the daily feed we throw in for them.

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