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Red Tailed Hawk

We have been blessed with a several red tail hawk. I am not sure if we have two or three. We always see one on middle section of property and a pair down by Noleen’s pecan tree. I have never seen all three out at the same time.

Here are some shots taken with 500mm lens one day as it was busy with its daily hunting.


Stock tank fish

Finally got to see schools of perch in our stock tank. We suspected we may have lost them all with last round of heavy rounds but were most pleased to see them – hope they enjoy the daily feed we throw in for them.

Pond level adjustment

After the last round of heavy rain we lost a lot of fish due to pipe overflow. We have no added an elbow and filter in order to be able to adjust the level of pond and prevent fish being swept down pipe.

The elbow can be rotated to adjust pond level (to try take advantage of spring fed inlets in drier periods). As water level has started dropping we have turned the elbow upwards and now it appears that spring feed and evaporation are equalized.

The filter consists of 4″ pvc tube and end cap drilled with ΒΌ” holes.

As you can see from the images that water is amazing clear!

IMG_0598.jpg IMG_0609.jpg

Cleaned water pans

Even with all the recent arctic blasts the water pans still needed cleaning out.

Both pans are now clean.



This year we are wanting to plant more trees and shrubs on the property, initial focus being down by the bird sanctuary area. We just added three Beauty Berry shrubs and hope they will attract plenty of birds and insects. I’ve also read of side benefits of it being used as insect repellent and making wine (what a combination!).


Fire Ant Control

We have walked fire ant control areas twice already this year without seeing many mounds. With the recent rains however they are popping up at a rapid rate. Spent time this week walking around and treating fire ant mounds with poison. Areas treated were around the pond and bird sanctuary area and on the eastern side of property by hand dug well where we have seen quail (also a popular roosting area for various birds).

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After the rains

A little more than a week ago we had more than 7 inches of rain over a couple of days – One day alone was between 5 and 6 inches!

While we did have some driveway damage – nothing a box blade and gravel couldn’t fix – the land has bounced back with flowers popping up and the pond filling up (spring fed) by about a foot a day.


Preparing for winter seeding

Second disc harrowing on lower portion of property in preparation for seeding.

Planning to seed by the weekend.

IMG_0339.jpg IMG_0341.jpg IMG_0340.jpg

Trail camera photos

Random selection of trail camera photos.

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Strip mowing, Seeding – Sep 2013

Did a close mow in a random pattern on south end of property by pecan tree and pond preparing for fall seeding.

Got out the box blade, lowered the tines and ran over the mowed section several times to try and create seeding rows as well as tackle tougher spots due to existing grass.


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